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Award Categories

Championship Division (all entrants are eligible).  Gross and Net.


Senior Division (age 60-plus).  Gross and Net.


Statesman Division (age 70-plus).  Gross and Net.


Women's Division.  Gross and Net.


Four-Person Scramble (make your own team or committee will assign).  Gross and Net.


Johnny Henry Award -  Low net, 60-and-over, GCS member, man or woman.


Tad Moore Award - Presented to a younger player who is a member of the Society of Hickory Golfers, and who demonstrates playing ability and a respect for the traditions of the game.  "Younger" is undefined.

Russ Fisher Outstanding Volunteer Award - Presented to the volunteer who goes "above and beyond" in performing his or her responsibilities.

Some of the 2014 awards

Johnny Henry Award



This award honors the memory of the late Golf Collectors Society Region Four past chairman Johnny Henry.

It is presented to the low net Golf Heritage Society member, man or woman, age 60 and over.



Past winners of the Johnny Henry award:


2008    Chuck McMullin, Williamsburg, VA

2009    John Hutton, Lakewood, CO

2010    John Hutton, Lakewood, CO

2011    Tournament held in Dallas, TX

2012    Tournament held in Dallas, TX

2013    Tony Hoffman, San Antonio, TX

2014    Bill Reed, Des Moines, IA

2015    John Hutton, Lakewood, CO

2016    John Berggren, Kingwood, TX

2017    John Berggren, Kingwood, TX

2018    Gino Narduzzi, Edmonton, Alberta

2019    Bill Geisler, Winter Springs, FL

2020    Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19

2021    Hardy Moore, Mesquite, TX

2022    Gary Krupkin, Dallas, TX

2023    John Drake, Austin, TX

The legendary Johnny Henry

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Swift Trophy


The Swift Trophy Matches began as an informal competition between Canadian visitors and some local Americans.  The informality continues...  if there is an uneven number of registered players, it is customary to make one or more players "honorary citizens" of the other country to balance the teams.   In 2016 and 2021, the Swift Trophy Matches were played in an "East vs. West" format.


A few years ago, Onion Creek member Virgil Swift, a founding Director of Swift Energy Company, purchased a trophy to be awarded to the winning team (much as Sam Ryder did many years ago).  If you look at our logo, the golfer figure represents Harry Vardon. 

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The Swift Trophy

(Michael Roche, sculptor)

The results of each year’s matches are engraved on plates on the base of this sculpture.  The trophy is displayed in the locked, glass-enclosed case in the Onion Creek lobby. 


The USA leads the series 7 to  3.


In 2016 and 2021, Canada was unable to compete and an EAST vs. WEST match was held.


Year           Location        USA         Canada          USA MVP          Canada MVP

2008         Austin, TX        19.5              7.5             -                           -

2009         Austin, TX          8.0            19.0             -                           -

2010         Austin, TX        11.0            10.0             Randy Clark        Troy Schnell

2011         Irving, TX          5.0             16.0             -                           -

2012         Irving, TX         16.0            14.0             -                           -

2013         Austin, TX        15.5            11.5             Mike O'Brien       Dave Blocksidge

2014         Austin, TX        14.5            12.5             Chris Palar           Kim Haley

2015         Austin, TX        17.0            13.0             Rob Ahlschwede Stephen Wong

2017         Austin, TX         6.5             17.5             Todd Johnson      Marcel Valade

2018         Austin, TX        20.5            15.5             Hal Coward         Ryan Galloway

2019         Austin, TX        13.0              8.0             Chris Hardy         Ron Lyons   

2020        Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19


                                          West             East           West MVP           East MVP

2016         Austin, TX         6.0              12.0           George Barnett    Mike Harding

2021         Austin, TX        10.5               4.5           Ken Jackson        Rick Woeckner

                                          Texas            USA          Texas MVP          USA MVP

2022         Austin, TX         12.0              6.0            Bob Barnett        Chris Hardy

                                          Texas     North America  Texas MVP         North America MVP

2023         Austin, TX         20.0              11.0           Lori Wallace       Rob Taylor

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Historical Medal Champions


Background:   The roots of the Onion Creek Hickory Classic go back to at least 1992, when the Region Four, Golf Collectors Society, held a one-day hickory tournament under the direction of Texas' legendary Johnny Henry.  Those tournaments were held at Grapevine Muni Golf Course in Grapevine, Texas.  In 2002 (or thereabouts) Johnny Henry passed the Region Four directorship along to Glenn Hoeker who held a one-day tournament in the Houston, Texas area for two years.  


The two-day format began in 2004 when  Max Hill of Austin, TX brought the tournament to Austin's Onion Creek Club.  Former PGA Tour player Rives McBee directed the tournament for two years at Los Colinas CC in Irving, TX.  It returned to Onion Creek Club in 2013 under new Region Four Director Pete League's management. 

Tournament Director Pete League completed his six-year stint as Region Four Chairman, Golf Collectors Society (now Golf Heritage Society) December 31, 2018.  Michael Sloan of Houston replaced Pete as Region Four Director and serves as Tournament Chairman, handling all registration and financial issues.  Pete remains Tournament Director.  




2004   Ross Kenny, Edmonton, Alberta, 155  (Onion Creek Club, Austin, TX;  two-day format started)

2005   Mark Wehring, Houston TX, 153  (Doral Tesoro Golf Club, Fort Worth, TX)

2006   Ross Kenny, Edmonton, Alberta, 154 (Onion Creek Club)

2007   Randy Jensen, Omaha, NE, 156 (Onion Creek Club)

2008   Mark Wehring, Houston, TX, 151 (Onion Creek Club)

2009   Paul Biocini, Valley Springs, CA, 156 (Onion Creek Club)
2010   Randy Clark, Irving, TX, 150  (Onion Creek Club)  CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION RECORD (TIE)

2011   Ben Plaunt, Edmonton, Alberta, 153 (Los Colinas CC, Irving, TX)

2012   Brenden Tomiuk, 75 (rain-shortened one-day event, Los Colinas CC in Irving, TX

2013   Benny Plaunt, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 159 (Onion Creek Club)

           Ross Kenny, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 159

2014   Jeff Smith, Greenwood, AR, 154 (Onion Creek Club)

2015   Jeremy Wright, Houston, TX, 159 (Onion Creek Club)

2016   Jeremy Wright, Houston, TX, 150 (Onion Creek Club)  CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION RECORD (TIE)

2017   Mark Wehring, Houston, TX 154 (Onion Creek Club)

2018   Scott Wimmer,  Swansea, IL   150 (Onion Creek Club)  CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION RECORD (TIE)

2019   Jeremy Wright, Louisville, KY 166 (Onion Creek Club)

2020   Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19

2021   Jeremy Wright, Louisville, KY 155 (Onion Creek Club)

2022   Cole Houghton, Austin, Tx, 157 (Onion Creek Club)

2023   Cole Houghton, Austin, Tx, 158 (Onion Creek Club)





2008  Chuck McMullin, Williamsburg, VA, 160

2009  John Hutton, Lakewood, CO, 169

2010  John Hutton, Lakewood, CO, 163

2011  Tournament held in Dallas, TX

2012  Tournament held in Dallas, TX

2013  Curt Sampson, Ennis, TX, 154

2014  David Barnard, Austin, TX, 158

2015  John Hutton, Lakewood, CO, 150 - SENIOR DIVISION RECORD

2016  Michael Harding, Terre Houte, IN, 160

2017  Dave Dickman, Dennis, MA, 160

2018  Doug Shackelford, Dallas, TX, 156

2019  Bill Geisler, Winter Springs, FL, 153

2020  Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19

2021  Ken Jackson, Fort Worth, TX, 153

2022  Danny Holcomb, Fritz, Tx, 154

2023  Ken Jackson, Fort Worth, TX, 158





2013  Pete League, Austin, TX, 164

2014  John Piffer,  Indianola, IA, 158

2015  John Berggren, Houston, TX, 158

2016  John Berggren, Kingwood, TX, 152 

2017  John Berggren, Kingwood, TX, 155

2018  John Hutton, Lakewood, CO, 154

2019  John Berggren, Kingwood, TX, 149 - STATESMAN DIVISION RECORD (T) 

2020  Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19

2021  John Hutton, Lakewood, CO, 149 - STATESMAN DIVISION RECORD (T)

2022  Doug Schackelford, Dallas, TX, 149 - STATESMAN DIVISION RECORD (T)

2023  Doug Schackelford, Dallas, TX, 158




2013  Kim Haley, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 199

2014  Kim Haley, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 189 - LADIES DIVISION RECORD (T)

2015  Kim Haley, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 189 - LADIES DIVISION RECORD (T)

2019  Natalie Wells, 192

2022  Lorie Wallace, Austin, Tx, 200

2023  Lorie Wallace, Austin, Tx, 189



Pat Hill, 3-28-2008, #11 North Course, 193 yards, spoon

John Hutton, 3-23-2013, #2 Original Course, 115 yards, mashie niblick


2015    Jacob Johnson

2016    Jonathan Pilgrim

2017    Scott Wimmer

2018    Scott Wimmer

2019    Mike Ream

2020   Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19

2021   Danny Holcomb

2022   Cole Houghton

2023   Ryan Galloway


2014    Wendy Marsh

2015    Jim Alston

2016    John Drake

2017    Ann Bedinger

2018    Gene and Staphanie Arnold

2019    Ben and Julie Campbell

2020   Tournament Canceled due to COVID-19

2021   Donna Smith

2022   Barb Woolly

2023   John Drake

The Texas First Tee Hickory Championship

2021   Dallas Chapter - 140

                Jacob LeWallen, Jacob Castro, Zack LeWallen, Eric Ramos

2022   Dallas Chapter - 136

                Zack LeWallen, Brooks Freitas, Jacob LeWallen, Eric Ramos

2023   Dallas Chapter - 138

                John Tijerina, Brooks Freitas, Jacob LeWallen, David Pyle


Randy Clark

Kim Haley

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