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The SWIFT TROPHY MATCHES are played in a USA vs. CANADA format.

FOUR-BALL (Swift Trophy)

A match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of two other players. 

The front nine holes will be played in the Four-Ball format.


A match in which two players play a regular scramble format against two other players. 

Each player is required to have his/her tee shot selected on a minimum of three of the nine holes played under this format.  Except on greens, the player whose shot is selected must play the ball as it lies.  His/her partner must drop his/her ball within one club length not closer to the hole, of the selected ball.   A ball may not be dropped upon a surface other than the surface where the ball lies when selected (cannot move from rough to fairway, bunker to fairway, etc.).

The back nine holes will be played in the Two-Person Scramble format.


  1.  Match play

  2.  USGA Rules in effect.

  3.  The tournament director will select the two captains after consulting with a sampling of players.

  4.  Three points are at stake.  One point for the first nine holes, one point for the second nine holes, and one    point for the entire 18 holes.

  5.  If a match finishes all square, each team wins one-half point for that match.

  6.  Players age 59 and younger will play from the white tees.

  7.  Players age 60-69 will play from the yellow tees.

  8.  Players age 70 and older will play from the red tees.

  9.  Handicaps - FOUR-BALL.  Handicaps will be used.

  10.  Handicaps - SCRAMBLE.  50 percent of a team's average handicap will be used.

  11.  Scorecards will be completed with all scores recorded.  It is insufficient to merely post a "W" or a "L".

  12.  At the conclusion of play, each grouping may nominate candidates for the MVP awards (one for the  Canadian team, one for the USA team).  The captains for the USA and Canadian teams will select their respective team’s MVP after consulting with their players.  Captains will announce MVPs on Sunday after the round is complete.




1.  Medal Play.

2.  USGA Rules are in effect.

3.  Players in the Championship Division will play from the white tees.

4.  Players in the Senior Division will play from the yellow tees. 

5.  Players in the Statesman, Ladies and Junior Divisions will play from the red tees.

6.  If a player has a Society of Hickory Golfers handicap, that handicap will be used.  Otherwise, the           player's regular USGA handicap will be used in accordance with Society of Hickory Golfers guidelines.

7.  In the SCRAMBLE DIVISION, 50 percent of the team's average handicap will be used.

8.  In the event of a tie for gross score in the Championship, Senior, Statesman or Ladies Divisions, there will be a sudden-death playoff (as soon as practicable) starting on the first hole of the course played on that day.

9.  In the event of a tie for net score (including the Scramble Division), a winner will be determined on the "score-card" method.  The Onion Creek Club head professional or his deputy will determine the tie breakers.

10. No-duplicate-awards policy.  One cannot win both a gross score award and a net score award.  We identify the top three finishers in each division and these persons are the top three gross-score winners.  The top three net-score winners are then identified from the remainder of those in that division.


All pairings will be sent via e-mail to all entrants by 10:00 PM the evening before.


Tuesday pairings will be a function of Monday's results in the Individual Medal-Play Divisions, e.g.,

leaders will tee off last.


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